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    • My real interest was to see how deep the 70-200 could make the DOF without focus stacking the closeup.

      As long as I piled tons of light on to compensate for the f/22 it got most of the image.

      Single image with matte background.

    • The SB700 flash was on the camera (master) and the SB600's slaves as side fill. The lume cubes (which work much better off the optical trigger now that the app has been updated) were used from above rear.

      Getting it all synced:

    • Stunning, Dave! I just bought another studio light so maybe I can grow up to be like you. I needed a highlight to make things pop like you have done.

    • The funny thing is I saw in as an Amazon Day promotion (eh?) and it claimed to have all kinds of special effects like police car flashing blue and red, lightning, disco ball, etc. I just impulse bought. Turns out it really does all those things and does them really well. So now I don't need red or blue gels: I can just dial any color I want.