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    • As a kid, I always enjoyed the summer break. We would spend all day by the lake, go on adventures and camp out in the woods. A summer seemed endless and full of adventure.

      As adults, we still look forward to the summer, but we rarely get to enjoy an endless summer as we did as kids. We live busy lives. We have deadlines at work and bills to pay. This year is no different, except, this year we will break the cycle and commit to an endless summer.

      In June we drive up North towards Oregon, Washington and then into Canada. The road will lead the way, and the scenery will set the pace.

    • I am so jealous! When we got married, my wife and I loaded a borrowed camper onto the back of our pickup truck and drove from Salt Lake City north through Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, Jasper, the wondrous lakes & mountains of British Columbia, and back through Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada. We spent a month and have never forgotten it.

      Keep us posted so we can live vicariously through you.

    • I’m really hoping that Crater Lake will be one of your stops. I visited it a few years ago and still reminisce about its beauty. Can’t wait to get back or at least see some pictures of it again. Here is a shot of the lake from the trail I took back then.

    • We considered it, but not on the immediate list of destinations We are eager to hit the coast instead of going inwards. We might still include it.

    • After a lot of research and an impulse decision, we decided to buy an RV instead of renting one. Renting an RV is silly expensive for eight weeks. And you usually end up with a worn-out vehicle. We ended up with a 2017 Winnebago TREND that we purchased from a friend of ours. Super excited about this.

      We took two short spontaneous trips to work out the kinks in May. One to Santa Cruz and one to Yosemite for Memorial Day weekend.

    • Awesome! 8 weeks!! Now that you have the RV, there’s room for me?! 😎 Or I could follow on your motorcycle so you have handy when you want.

      That photo... It makes it look like your son is scaling El Cap.

    • It's pretty cozy already. But I am always up for another bike 🏍️ ride under the stars in the late summer or fall.

    • We are officially on the road. We left last Sunday, one day later than expected, but who cares when you have the entire summer still ahead of you. We didn't plan for any stops in California besides a bike ride through the “Avenue of the Giants.”

      We crossed into Oregon on Tuesday and so far I am blown away by the Oregon coastline.
      We are doing leisure travel. A few hours drive between locations with very little planning or scouting. We try to stop at least once a day at the beach for a few hours.

      At the beach, we always look for cool projects. It's fun to build stuff with the materials you find on the beach. Once you get started to create something, other kids often get inspired to join.
      Earlier this week we dug a big tunnel under a giant tree that got washed up on the beach.

      Yesterday we launched sand buckets into the air with a teeter-totter out of driftwood. Today we made a bridge out of rocks, logs, and driftwood.

    • Wow, the light on that shot of redwoods... Once upon a time I read about the redwood rushes of the 1800s, similar to the gold rushes, and the efforts by environmental groups and government to save them. Oh my gosh what a saga, so many trees lost, some heroically saved. Now I can't look at one without offering huge thanks to people who fought those battles.

    • I know people tell me to enjoy every stage when you have kids, but I cannot wait until I can do things like this with mine. My son is almost 2 and we have another on the way due at the end of July. Is it bad to say that I want to fast-forward time just a little bit?

      How old are yours?

    • At Port Angeles. We are about to take the ferry to Vancouver Island. Any recommendations of things to do or go to on Vancouver Island? Cool bike trails, beaches, hikes, super scenic routes?