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    • xorius

      He has been an amazing storyteller and world builder throughout his career. HBO also seems like it has had a great track record of letting storytellers tell amazing stories the way that they want to.

      Could this be a show with the heart of Buffy and the budget of Game of Thrones or Westworld? Could this be fireworks in the making? Can I resist running through the streets screaming my excitement? Only time will tell.

      What do you think?

      Here is an article with some more details, though there isn't much yet.

    • NikkyJ

      Hmmm, it's hard to envision what it means for Victorian women to possess unusual powers but because it's him, I'm interested. Loved Firefly back in the day. Cancelled way too soon.

    • wx

      Sounds like Witches of Eastwick/Charmed meets steampunk. I must say that the thumbnail description doesn't really appeal to me. The Victorian thing feels played out. Maybe too much Dr. Who in my background.

      I loved Firelfy and the spinoff movie, but I can't think of anything else Whedon has done that jumps out at me.

      Wait and see, I guess. Maybe it'll be one of those deals in which, because you have low expectations, you end up being delighted.

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