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    • @Chris shared a New York Times article that your chances of getting COVID-19

      from aerosol drops lingering in the air for hours

      is greatest in high traffic enclosed spaces, such as restaurant bathrooms.

      A windowless public bathroom with high foot traffic is riskier than a bathroom with a window, or a bathroom that’s rarely used. (New York Times)

      So for the foreseeable future, getting drive-thru from McDonald’s is safer than going inside and using their bathrooms during the busy lunch hour.

      All of this got me wondering along a tangent of curiosity:

      If you or a family member is a vegetarian (or vegan), where do you go for drive-thru?

    • It’s funny, I ordered drive-thru yesteday for the first time in a decade, because I was doing food photography. One stop was Chick-fil-A and I was surprised to see some pretty healthy-looking salads, albeit with some chicken:

      Living in the heart of Silicon Valley with tons of vegans & vegetarians, we have lots of options. The local burger joint does a brisk business in black bean burgers. Chipotle’s is the go-to place for me, Kevin and Vilen. Subway is pretty good. We have lots of burrito places with veggie burritos, like Baja Fresh.

    • Hahaha! 😁 what Martha is referring to is I’m doing a YouTube about the foods people eat on different diets, modeled after the fantastic books Hungry Planet and Daily Bread. So I was at the counter ordering various meats, something I hadn’t done in 20 years. Martha knows what I eat because our families spent a week together in Costa Rica. Anyway, she happened to see me ordering the 🥩 and was shocked, I tell you. 😂

      BTW, Bodi LOVED the bounty after the shoot.