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    • Michael Bay, director of more than a few big budget movies - Amageddon, Bad Boys, Transformers, Pearl Harbor and many, many more in an interview said his favorite angle for a hero shot in movie is looking upwarss from below chin level.

      So to all the photographers, our art and angles are a little different and we don't have the dramitic music to back up the shot.

      If you are making a concious effort or doing a shoot that requires a hero shot, what you is your process/ mind set?

      Angles, DoF, lighting, PP, golden hour, HDR, backgrounds, or...?

    • I have two quotes that work for me.

      "There are no rules for good photographs - there are just good photographs." - Ansell Adams

      "My idea of a good photograph is one that is in focus and has a famous person in it." - Andy Warhol.

      Speaking of - I also liked "I don't say that any more. Now I say, 'In 15 minutes everyone will be famous.'"

    • Hmmm, I remember now that someone like Michael Bay said hero shots are best when under chin level. He sure used the technique with Transformers:

      I always preferred that they look me straight in the eye and I sometimes put something like a box under people or have them stand on a curb to reduce crazy height differences.

    • Heh, it's funny, I'm 6'4" and my wife is 5'6" so we are always having her stand on a curb or something when we take pics together. It's not that either of us are self-conscious about our height, we just like our faces closer together without me being all slumpy.

      But I guess if you are an action hero like Tom Cruise and your career depends on looking taller, you do what you must. It's just that you'd think marrying Nicole Kidman, who is 5'11", would blow your cover at parties.

      📷: US Magazine

    • My dad was a big Alan Ladd fan and I remember he told me when they did walking scenes and he was with a taller co-star they would dig a trench for them to walk in!

      He was smaller than Tom Cruise and again picked a much taller wife!

    • Isn't that Sue Carol in the photo? I thought she was 5'3"? She was his second wife. I dunno how tall his first was, but apparently he liked to be paired with shorter actresses when he could, like Veronica Lake (4'11').

    • Too funny I put in 'Alan Ladd height' ( as part of my search criteria, my father gone so I need a technological advanced assistant) and all the photos I found had women taller than him, but yes you're right she was 5'3"...I guess its the way a search is set out...the internet can be fickle, and decieving when it wants

    • I often hear the term hero shot used in the context of website design and now that you mentioned that Michael Bay quote about the camera being low, I can't unsee some hero shots on websites where the camera is low.

      I guess the point of this one is not to show off the cool wooden earphones, but to show that cool people wear them. Trouble is, I can't look that cool because he has unfair advantages: hair and beard. Oh, and handsome.