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    • My fiancé and are moving from Oakland to Chicago. It's very bittersweet for us, we've made so many good friends in the Bay Area. But we're looking forward to settling down in Chicago and reconnecting with all the friends we have there.

      In the meantime though, we have to get ourselves there! We're making the drive over a few day so I'll try to chronicle some of the stuff we see along the way!

      We couldn't see Hoover Damn from the highway but here's a pano of Lake Mead.

    • Here's us somewhere just across the Arizona border! The landscapes there are quite striking and overwhelming, albeit it desolate. At certain moments it feels like what I imagine Mars must feel like from the surface.

    • We stopped at a pretty weird little gas station (also a gun range) that had some cool art on the outside. The place was a little scary though. There were a lot of guns on the walls inside.

    • Yeah too bad we couldn't make that happen! We'll probably be out together next year, maybe summertime. We'll have to make it happen then

    • Here's us at Meteor Crater in northeast Arizona. 50,000 years ago, a 150 foot wide iron rock smashed into the Earth at 26,000 miles per hour. It left this mile wide crater, the most preserved of its kind in the US. It's deep enough for a 60-story building to fit inside. I've always wanted to see this site! It was really cool.

    • This was one of the cooler things I saw. The cutout in this brick wall (facing away from Meteor Crater), frames a majestic landscape. It was so well positioned to use the contrast of the afternoon light that it felt like a well lit oil painting hanging on the wall.

    • This was the most boring 10 hours of my life. We ran out of podcasts toward the end and I thought I was going to go insane.

      We got a bit of a late start in the AM so we were racing the clock a bit since I don't like to drive in the dark (Sylvie doesn't drive, so it was all me). We also didn't remember the time change, which meant we got in an hour later than we intended. Towards the end, after about 2 hours of driving in the dark, my eyeballs felt like meatballs.

      Man, sitting down in one spot for 10+ hours a day, multiple days in a row, really messes with me! I have a new respect for truck drivers.

    • This was the most boring 10 hours of my life. We ran out of podcasts toward the end and I thought I was going to go insane.

      That is so me. I just can't sit and do nothing. I need a fascinating audio book or NPR or podcast. So do I read this right, that you're in Oklahoma City? And Chicago is another 13 hour's drive? 😱

    • It was actually Tulsa, about 2 hours past Oklahoma City. Today we drove from Tulsa to Champagne, IL. Took about 9 hours (with stops). We're staying the night here. Sylvie went to grad school here at the University of Illinois, so we're hitting up her old stomping grounds tonight and sleeping in a little bit tomorrow. Cant believe how exhausting sitting down all day can be!

      From here to Chicago is only about 2.5 hours. This was by design though. Can't wait to get there!

    • We finally made it! We made sure to bring enough cooking supplies to hold us over until all our stuff arrives, and made our first meal in our new apartment. We had to use a tupperware container as a table but it was still a really nice first meal with the fire going 😃

    • If you need stuff, let me know I am cleaning for a move and will be driving through Chicago on my way to ORD on the 1st. The motorcycles, camera gear, and Funko collection are off limits though.