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    • I feel that procrastination is my brain's way of saying it needs a pause. I read, research things, watch mindless movies, or draw doodles while listening to music and then a day or two later, BAM! Inspiration is back and I can write again.

      I used to feel very guilty about it until I read this quote by Tove Jansson:

      "Duty and pleasure are a long story for me, permanently relevant, and I've gradually reached an unusual and altogether personal conclusion. The only honest thing is pleasure - desire, joy - and nothing I've forced myself to do has ever given pleasure to the people round me"

      I quit feeling guilty ever since and I've never been as productive as now!

    • There are plenty efforts we don't enjoy, that do at times(not always) actually make others happy. In the end it's the intent that matters to us but unfortunately to others only results matter, and even those can be disregarded. You can't not agree with me on that. Have you ever tried convincing someone, a loved one, give up a bad habit, for example? I hope we didn't diverge from the subject topic too much.

    • I think we might have :D

      To circle back to the procrastination topic though, at least for me, whenever I'd force myself to stop procrastinating and do something, it would be absolute torture - I'd drag it out and keep quitting doing it only to force myself to come back to it over and over again and each time it'd be worse and worse and worse, and before I knew it, something that would normally take, say, an hour, has taken all day - and ruined it in the process. I'd still feel guilty for procrastinating, but irritated that doing the task has interrupted the procrastinating at the same time :D

      So I prefer to let the procrastination run its course naturally, and do things with gusto the next day. I feel healthier, happier and a lot more motivated this way.

    • I have found, from time to time, that procrastinating saves me time. If I put off a task for long enough, in some work environments they decide it is no longer needed.

      On the other hand, putting things off does not give me pleasure. Instead, it's a source of anxiety.

    • I'm glad you've worked out a solution for yourself. Unfortunately I have procrastinated for so long it have built up its own neural pathways to form a habit. ☹️

    • I'm ok once I start. It's just the starting that's the problem. I've learnt that it's easier to carry a load of heavy shit for one hour than thinking about carrying it for 10hrs. However applied knowledge is not my strong suit. 😉