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    • DC FanDome gave fans some big trailers and a lot of excitement. Here are some of the main highlights.

      After years of rumours, we finally have our first official teaser for Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam film. Nothing major to see here, just an animated clip exploring the character's origin. But with a 2021 release date, expect to see a full trailer in the coming months.

      The first Wonder Woman film was a huge success, a rarity in the DC film universe, and WW84 looks like it'll easily continue that winning formula. Set in a more modern setting than the original, expect to see lots of 80s throwbacks while Diana Prince takes on Kristen Wiig's Cheetah.

      The first Suicide Squad film was met with enormous criticism, so when news of a sequel was announced not many people were thrilled. But with James Gunn at the helm, people are a little bit more optimistic about the sequel. Will the Guardians of the Galaxy director be able to turn this franchise around? We'll need to wait and see, but with a huge cast that includes the likes of Nathan Fillion, Idris Elba, John Cena, and of course, Margot Robbie, there's already a strong foundation to build on.

      The biggest announcement of the day though belongs to The Snyder Cut. After years of petitions, viral marketing, and support from people in the industry, we finally have our first full trailer for Snyder's version of the Justice League. Hopefully it won't just be the same film but with added deleted scenes. If it completely changes the narrative from the original (which is my hope) then who knows, it might actually be a good film.

      Another huge announcement (and my personal favourite) was the unveiling of the newest Batman video game. After the success of the Arkham video game franchise (which I completed), we weren't expecting to get a new Batman game, and technically, we didn't. Gotham Knights is not really a "Batman game", because in this story Bruce Wayne is dead. We will actually be playing as the members of the Bat-Family - Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl. Not only that, Jim Gordon is no longer around either, so this Gotham will be very different from all the previous games and popular Batman stories. Another change is that this game can be played either solo or multi-player, which is cool for those who want to explore Gotham with a friend. I'm really excited for this game and can't wait for it to be completed.

      What were some of your favourite announcements from DC FanDome? Are you looking forward to the new films? Excited for Gotham Knights? Or are you more thrilled by the news from a few days ago confirming that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will be reprising their roles as Batman in The Flash?

    • UPDATE: New trailer for the Suicide Squad video game, Kill The Justice League is out! This game is made by the same people who made the Arkham video game franchise, so you know it'll be good.