Dunno about you, but I shrugged when I heard LeBron was involved in opening a school. Seemed like it might be cool, but how could you know? Was it to burnish his image? Honestly help kids? Didn't other efforts like his fizzle?

Reading this New York Times article boosted my faith in humanity. Even the title felt honest and not click baity:

As a child who attended a school in an impoverished neighborhood of Oakland, I got chills reading that. One thing I took away is how much the school is trying to help the parents because the performance of the students are so dependent on how the parents are doing. My mom would have benefitted so much from that. Me too.

LeBron doesn't seem to be taking any credit for it. It's just a group of educators who got a boost in their budget from LeBron and some recognition from his name. They have taken on kids in the lower quartile of performance. They sound like angels.