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    • If news is a product then it should be paid for like other products. On the other hand, when I am paying I expect to get what I am paying for, and none of the crap I did not pay for. This works reasonably well with Netflix, which so far managed to avoid inserting pre-rolls or post-rolls or any other ads into a stream. If they start doing this, I will immediately unsubscribe.

      Thus, when I am paying for a newspaper or a magazine, I expect it to not have any ads, but it usually does. I understand that my money covers only a portion of the expenses, still I cannot stand it.

      I sent money to the Guardian several times, because I felt the reporting they were doing on ecological catastrophe we, humans, are instilling on the planet, was important. I was reading the Atlantic while it was free, when it moved behind the paywall I just stopped reading it — nothing really earth-shattering there.

      Magazines like WIRED are usually not worth paying for, but the latest issue completely dedicated to ecological issues is good enough I bought a paper copy. By the way, if you have a library card, you can use a library app to read magazines that the library receives for free. My library receives WIRED, the New Yorker, National Geographic, Mother Jones, and a bunch of lifestyle pulp.

      I also use Flipboard and Google Newsstand. Some sources are free on Newsstand, but behind a paywall on Flipboard. Unless I really want a hardcopy I try avoiding paying for news. If this is something important, someone else will report it.

      I usually do not read/watch news from ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/Fox. NPR? Sometimes. For TV/video I news I prefer BBC, DW, Al Jazeera, NHK. But, frankly, I don't watch news often. I prefer reading.

    • Fascinating stuff about Ted Turner! Wikipedia does not say that he was displeased with the course per se, but that because of the dot-com crash AOL dragged the performance and stock price of the combined company down, and Ted Turner, as the biggest individual shareholder, lost $7 billion. So, he resigned as Time Warner vice chairman in 2003 and then from the board of directors in 2006. But even before that, he was ousted from the head of cable networks position.

      Did not know all that. There have been a bunch of movies about Steve Jobs, but I haven't watched one about Ted Turner.

    • Everything "Ted" was long before the Dot Com and "You've Got Mail" era.

      Kind of like a friend's daughter asking, "Did you know Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?"