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    • It's obvious that this site is kind of California baised, but if the collective minds built a motorcycle would this be it...and would you pay $16,000!

      There is a short youtube video showing the motorcycle (couldn't figure out how to make it show,besides a link)

    • Wow, that video makes them look like a lot of fun. I have to imagine a bike that simple will be in mass production someday by the Chinese, available on Amazon for $1,999.99. I bought an electric Razr scooter new on Amazon the other day for $125. Impulse buy. The kids love it and so do I.

      If I owned a Cake, it would look more like this:

    • As a former motorcycle builder from ths photo alone I cringed at numerous parts of the design, structure and integrity....before I saw the price

    • The video was really cool, but from the looks of that seat, I doubt anyone ever sits on it at all.... Just sayin' - even a DR650 needs a seat you can sit on for a little while, if you really plan to travel with it. No rear shock is interesting too, how does that work I wonder??

    • Yeah, the stock saddle on a DR650 leaves a lot to be desired for day long riding.

      I get that the riding in the video is exciting and looks like a lot of fun, but on the other hand, for travel, even around town, one may want to sit occasionally and rest their bones.

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