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    • If I understand correctly, even topics with no followers will be seen in the All stream. So presumably there's always a basic level of exposure, and as the number of posts in that topic increase, so will its exposure to new people.

    • I find it rather hard to choose Topics which are relevant but would also get good coverage. Sometimes I would start a new Topic, but then remove it because it doesn't exist (which means no followers).

      I definitely hear what you’re saying. Ideally you would poll your followers to see if they’d be interested in the topic. Then if enough were interested, you would post something amazing knowing that you had an audience and commenters lined up to discuss it.

      Nobody wants to post on something their passionate about only to hear crickets.

      Or maybe it’s just me?

      I’m just brainstorming here, so maybe this is complete crap, but perhaps we could create a “Topic Proposals” topic?

      When you’re interested in starting a new topic, you could send up a trial balloon by creating a new post to “Topic Proposals,” explaining what your passion is about and asking for a show of interested hands.

      ***Here’s a hypothetical example post

      Topic: Topic Proposals

      Title: Anybody interested in Red Dwarf?

      Would anyon be interested in joining a Red Dwarf topic discussion? I’ve been a huge fan since I first saw it on public television twenty years ago. I recently picked up the complete 8 season DVD box set and would love to discuss favorite episodes, plot holes that you could drive a truck through, and the hidden meaning behind some of the later episodes when it got convoluted. I also read the book by the head writers, so we could discuss the alternate timeline there as well.

      If you’re interested, reply with a comment or a thumb’s up. If I get at least half a dozen “heck yeahs” in the next few days, I will add the topic and an inaugural post.

      ***END hypothetical post

      I would think that if the topic was proposed by a regular who is a great conversationalist, it would be in Cake’s best interest to feature your post. This could be another way to reward the consistently high quality content creators.

    • Several of us have posted complaints regarding the way that "Add Topics" makes one search blindly for pre-existing topics. Hopefully, this will end up in the "to do" queue.

    • I know this is probably a very difficult undertaking from a coding perspective, but would it be possible for Cake to somehow suggest relevant Topics to us based on the content of our post?

      This is possible, and actually not too difficult thanks to the existence of cloud services that do the hard work. But the quality of suggested topics based on text analysis is usually not very good except for extremely obvious topics that are explicitly mentioned in the text.

      Or perhaps to suggest Topics to us once we select one our self. It could be based on other posts where people tend to use groups of Topics together. For example, if you choose "PlayStation" as one Topic, Cake could then suggest "video games", as these two Topics tend to be used together in other posts.

      This is a really great idea! It would take a fair amount of work, but I think it's likely to often result in pretty decent suggestions. I'll give this some thought.