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    • I agree in principle with much of what you've said here, and much of what you and others have said elsewhere in this conversation. There's a ton of really valuable insight here! I'm still processing a lot of it.

      But I think it's important to acknowledge — and I often have to remind myself of this — that a journey consists of many steps. Each step is necessary, but no individual step is sufficient.

      Cake is still at the beginning of its journey. We've taken many steps, but we have many more still to take. We can see some of the biggest and most prominent parts of our destination on the horizon, but much of it is still obscured.

      It's tempting to try to find a magical shortcut that will teleport us to the end instantly, but the reality is that those parts of our destination that we can't yet see can only be revealed by taking more steps, one after another, and being careful not to choose the wrong path.

      Small usability improvements to topics may not be the solution to all of Cake's discovery problems and to helping users find an audience, but they are steps on the path.