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    • This makes me so incredibly happy. Don has loved technology and design since he was a little boy and to see him achieve his dreams and positively glow gives me such pleasure. When he was in 7th grade in Houston, he wrote a book report on Steve Jobs. All the other boys wrote about presidents and football players.

      When we went on vacation to London, he was proud to wear his NeXT shirt because that's the company Steve started after Apple.

    • Thank you, Thomas. The thing that makes me happiest and proudest is how great a dad his is with his own 3 kids.

      Notice the title he chose for his hoodie: Chief Geek.

    • Yeah, that’s actually a clip from a documentary called Revolution OS. That clip was shot at a tradeshow floor in San Jose in 1999.

      So very long ago now.


    • That would have been The Screen Savers, I think. I kinda miss that show.

      One of the greatest moments in live television occurred on that show. It was the day Patrick Norton wanted to show you how to destroy a broken old hard drive so bad guys couldn’t recover your data. He took the outer case off, then took a ballpin hammer and said “now you just beat on it like this...” and on first hit the platters exploded in a shower of crystal shards. They had to go to commercial so he could regain composure. Turns out he had unknowingly chosen one of IBM’s new glass substrate drives. Which were having teething pains with the magnetic layer delaminating... yielding a ton of early life drive failures.