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    • In a conversation here on Cake (linked), @treyratcliff said, “Even though he [Sergey Brin] probably played a role in shuttling Google+, maybe they have another social experiment up their sleeves.”

      Okay, but then who the hell is ever going to trust Google again when Lucy is just going to pull the football away again?!

      If that is at all true, then they had better rethink shutting down G+ because there is no reason for anyone to ever spend time on “just another half-hearted experiment” making their next experiment already dead.

      And if it was never anything more than an experiment, well then they never really got it in the first place which explains why Google keeps failing time after time. Why wouldn't people move to Plus from Facebook? Permanence.

      The entire world knows that Google is going to cut and run because that is what happens with experiments. They end. Then what? There is not a single person on this planet that thinks that Facebook is ever going away. And they are not going to schlep all of their crap over to somewhere that they do not believe has staying power. People hate moving.

      But most of us who did come and stay were not there because we are photographers musicians or poets. And we were not there to sell products or push articles that we published on TechMashaVerge are whatever.

      We are on Google+ because we met amazing people. We have friends there who enrich our daily lives. We can have extraordinary conversations about anything and everything. And some of us (now that #nymwars is over) can speak freely under a pseudonym in a way that we cannot under our IRL name. We can truly participate in the public discourse because sometimes...

      "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
      ~ Oscar Wilde

      Funny, for a product that just wasn't as big as the number crunchers wanted, they got Hangouts and Photos. And who knows what might have come next if they hadn't gotten bored. Plus was a fantastic incubator.

      So Google Plus is going away. Well, let's take stock of just what Google has left that we can truly depend on going forward. Email, cloud storage, productivity applications, an operating system, and a search engine.

      Congratulations, Google. You are now Microsoft. Oops.

    • Hi and welcome to Cake, foscojo. 😁 I'm really sorry for what happened with Google+. I was an early adopter too and had a lot of fun with it in the glory days. It looks like a lot of people stayed after the first big wave, especially photographers.

      We have an unintuitive link expansion trick but when you do it once you never forget it. On other networks, when you paste in the link you just did and click post, it expands at the bottom. With us, you have to click Enter and wait a few seconds for it to expand. But when you do, you get a preview before you post and you can do it with multiple links and place them where you want in your post.

      So your link becomes:

      I hope this helps.

    • In a conversation here on Cake (linked), @treyratcliff said, “Even though he [Sergey Brin] probably played a role in shuttling Google+, maybe they have another social experiment up their sleeves.”

      Here's a tweetstorm of G+ inevitable demise:

      And judging by Google's recent actions, they appear to be pivoting "social" to other more popular products - namely Maps, YouTube and Photos instead of having a standalone "Stream" 🤔

    • Yes, I read that thread. I don't know how accurate it is, but I've heard supposedly knowledgeable folks say that it mostly jibes with what they know of the team dynamics at Google.

      And it certainly jibes with the inept bungling of was on it's way to being a massive gamechanger.