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    • This will be hard to read for some of you poor B@stards - sorry. But I need to say it somewhere.

      A few days recently have passed with no community transmission Nationally. New cases are in single digits and are mostly from returning travellers in quarantine. The death toll is still under 1000 (but still too many).

      Here in Queensland cases of community transmission are now rare. The state borders are only just starting to re-open. With some restrictions still.

      The significant second wave in Victoria has been effectively controlled with a very strict and extended lock-down, curfews and heavy fines for not wearing a mask. This met with only minor protest. The vast majority complied - and won the day. New cases have been at single figures or zero for a few days - a huge win.

      In recent elections at state level, the Party on the left of politics has increased their majority on the back of approval of their sound Covid management and border closures. The losing side's leaders congratulated the winners and promptly resigned.

      Some policy matters between state and federal Governments have been at odds the longer it runs - but the national cabinet of state and federal governments was a success.

      The National health advisor who was in charge of the early stages of the pandemic has been nominated for 'Australian of the Year' - and is a short odds, popular choice to win it. His advice was closely followed by the Feds and it frankly saved us from some of the worst of it.

      Income support, welfare and social security has been freely available and is quite generous. It will continue to March '21 in decreasing stages. Household utilities and phone bills could be deferred. Some were waived. There was a ban on evictions.

      AND FWIW Fox news has very little traction in the broader community. Mostly with the elderly.

    • It appears that your government has pretty much done what any government is supposed to do, and that your society has approved and benefited; as any society might rightfully expect. The other day I ran across an article listing various countrys that allow US citizens to emigrate or apply for permanent residency as well as the cost to do so. Sadly, I do not possess sufficient resources to join you down under although it is an attractive prospect . . .