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    • Haha, I do remember being extremely, unnaturally upset about a piece of chocolate cake that turned out be dry and mediocre; I thought, hell, if I'm going to eat something sweet (I usually stay away from sweets and carbs), it has to be worth it, and now here I am, blowing my sweets calorie quota on this horrible slice of dry cake. I realized, rationally, how absurd it was to get so upset about it but the emotion was there nonetheless.

      The validation argument is interesting... and also terrifying, because that means masses of people in the West are deeply unhappy!

    • I wish that was the case, because that would be so cool! I think we'd all be so much happier, more creative and positive if there was more art everywhere. Including food. The beer always tastes better when the bartender does a shamrock on a pint of Guinness for example:

    • Yes, and that pink in the soup is natural and one day I might be lucky to try it! Nothing like good old home cooking with veggies from the back yard garden, farm produce, and everything else natural. But those times are gone; mostly everywhere everything comes now from a chemically aided crop, I think even the so called organics. It's the way of commercialism, make more (of everything), cheaper, faster.... now even more colorful? 🤖