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    • a screen grab below shows the specs of the 2006 MacBook Pro.

      how technology has advanced , could anyone work with an 80gb hard drive and 512 mb of memory now ?


    • Heh. I have a 2-week-old MacBook Pro with 64GB of RAM, 4TB of hard disk, and all the fancies with 8-core processor and hyper amazing graphics, and it will probably look totally archaic in 10 years. We'll wonder how I lived with it.

      One improvement I'd love to see is for it to STOP REBOOTING IN THE MIDDLE OF SOME TASK! The screen just suddenly goes black and I have to hold the power key down to get it to start up again from scratch.

    • I still have two old Mac Pros (2010 edition) and an iMac (2009) that still work great. I can't upgrade to the last two versions of the Mac OS, but most of the light-duty apps and browsing still works.

      Back to the spec, I noticed a 4x SuperDrive. I can't remember the last MacBook that had a disk drive! People complained and made fun of Apple for getting rid of the drive. Apple touted this move as a technological step forward.

    • I have a 2010

      13” MacBook Pro that has a SuperDrive. The battery failed a year ago, swelled in the case, so it’s plugged in all the time and is on my kitchen table.

      I have seen videos where people have replaced the SuperDrive with a second hard drive but it’s only used for light browsing now so isn’t worth the bother

    • While organizing and cleaning the house, I found this gem. I bet it will be like shooting with film. I'll be lucky to get 36 exposures out of it. Maybe 4 RAWS?

    • I bought the MacBook Pro in June 2006.

      The thermal properties were interesting: it got too hot to use in your lap, I used an ilap to stop my testicles cooking

    • I’m using a MacBook Air 2013, so it’s able to run Catalina, the latest OS. Still works great. But back to the main topic, yeah, it is crazy how quickly technology evolves. If you check out video games from 2006, you’ll see how bad the graphics look compare to now. It’s pretty wild.

    • I hope things start advancing that fast again, my desktop from 2009 was still pretty decent up until recently. Quad core ~3 GHz CPU with 12GB of RAM, the cores are about half the speed of modern ones but it still does well for most basic uses and could run the latest version of Windows without any issues. But we're finally getting some real change with core counts jumping way up as AMD and Intel compete.

      And +1 on contact Apple ASAP about that.

    • My guesses.

      - Running out of Video RAM. My iMac does that occasionally and screen freezes -> reboot.

      - Running 32bit native apps patched to 64bit and it wigs out.

      - Hardware is poked.

      Did you migrate it from another machine or do a clean install?

    • I spent the last 48 hours with serious 'option anxiety' over what new laptop to buy.

      I would like a new Macbook Pro - a lot! Even a Macbook Air would do me, but man, the price was just too steep for how much work I'll get from the machine.

      In response to the virus-wrought changes to several of my customer's businesses I'm offering to set them up and produce live streams from their premises. Got a few takers so far, but my clunky old Acer notebook is not up to the task of mixing the signal from the Blackmagic encoder to the streaming host.

      If the laptop was going to be a mainstay for design work in the field- then I'd go for a Pro - the rest of my 'ecosystem' is mac, but I need a box for limited tasks: mixing various input signals in OSB Studio and outputting to You Tube Live and Skype etc - and running MS Office apps at the same time.

      So in I ended up buying a 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron with a bigger (15.6" touch) screen, three times as many ports, (two Thunderbolts Apple, rly?) a card reader, a faster Intel Quad Core processor than the Air and it was less than half the price of a decent Macbook pro. Maybe even lower. The display is only HD - is the down side - rather that those beautiful retinas, but then it's only for 720p streaming anyway.

      Windoze here I come again. Time warp.

    • The kinda performance you can get on a cheap windows computer now is pretty impressive. Really the big reason to go for a MBP, or high end Windows computer like an XPS/Surface is the build quality and screens (and possibly webcams) but the Inspiron line is a lot closer than it was a few years ago.

    • Fascinating! I really wanted to migrate to a windows laptop but in the end I shelled out an extra $2,000 or so (ouch) because convenience. So many apps to read-install, so many things like Airdrop and FaceTime that are part of my muscle memory now.

      $5,700 later, I honestly thought I’d notice a bigger diff between my 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM and my new 16-inch with 64 GB, especially because I make heavy use of video and photo editing, but honestly the only thing I notice is a better keyboard. Too bad I use a Bluetooth keyboard 95% of the time because I like it better than Apple’s.

    • Yeah - I've been guilty of taking the 'easy way' with my last few machines too, but the latest migration brought over several legacy Java Run Time scripts that were slowing it down on boot. I had to uninstall some old CS5 hidden files to nix them.

      Maybe there is something conflicting in your new OS.

      Have you run the Hardware test?

      If that's all good and it's still shutting down I'd maybe wipe it and do a fresh install on everything. You've got a spare day hey? :-)

    • Well, it's a nice thing. It does all I'll need it to do easily. The screen res and camera are quite satisfactory, set up was easy and the Screen is actually bigger than I thought it would be. Office and CC work well. For the money it seems good value. Not a bad looking thing. Delivery took about 24 hours Sydney to Brisbane.

      I did however order a Black one and they supplied Silver, which I don't care enough to be bothered about. The online brochure also showed a built-in dock for the pen. It doesn't exist.

      I can't imagine that sort of thing happening with Apple. Get what you pay for strikes again.