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    • Your images reminded me of one of mine ( completely unrelated, other than it is in a doorway ) I shot 14 years ago one morning on my way to work on a bicycle. As I just looked at it, I realized that 14 years later, I know better how to correct some of its defects ( if they are defects ) and maybe make it more pleasing to my eye - I haved learned a little in the way of editing in the last 14 years. But then I wasn't sure I really did like it better, Hah! I removed some leaves in the foreground that I think are distracting but I'm really not sure I like it better - cleaner, but maybe the grunge look was better -

    • Warmth earlier this week drew me back to Lawrence for a walk, again in the North Canal Historic District.

      A mill building, with canal reflection:

      Vines growing on the building:

      I found this set of what appears to be emergency exit stairs on another building. Too bad there isn't a way to get to the ground since the last section is rusted and missing rungs.

      I found the juxtaposition of these signs to be interesting, a warning about air pollution (to truckers) and a hand-drawn sign for an art & social justice organization:

      Loved this painted utility box sitting in front of an old mill building:

    • Have a lovely Thanksgiving Denise.

      A nice walk, I especially like your last two images, I have a thing for signs, as you know.