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    • Do you ever think that someday, perhaps, thousands of years or millenia in the future, alien archeologists will be digging and screening the "middens" of our current civilization? Our trash piles are our middens, just like we dig up ancient wells and refuse pits and toilets for clues to the past?

    • Doors and windows are always interesting to "reflect upon". I collect them too, from time to time, and it is always a challenge whether to capture them as they are, with trash collecting about, or to garden them a bit, either in reality or in Photoshop, to capture them in more visually appealing situations. Whether the viewer wants/needs to see the trash is always a debateable subject, with folks on both sides of that chasm. I think I would have preferred these images in a more pristine environ, but maybe thats just my OCD speaking too.

      The contrast of the rock wall and the cement block in the first image is an interesting juxtaposition, as are the glass plates which look older also.

      The exhaust fan( or is it a speaker I'm not certain ) in the second image is kind of discordant, both in age and color, and location. And yet the orange repeats in the lower portion of the wondow also. This is probably not the buildings original purpose, I would suspect.

      I don't find the stacked lumber in the third image helpful, and YET..., its presence supports the length of time the ivy has spent wandering across the window, too.

      Subtle images that reward one for some time spent with them. Nicely rendered, Denise!

      Interestingly, my reverse mirror image text still occurs from time to time, and as previously, I ONLY see it in the text boxes here on Cake. I think it has something to do with typing rapidly sometime, - it is infrequent now, but still happens once a day or so. I cannot create it volitionally.

    • I agree, it's hard to decide on pristine vs. actual.

      I think you're right about the second image, definitely an added later exhaust fan. I'm not sure what the original purpose of this building was - others are more obviously old mill buildings but this one seems different.

    • Your images reminded me of one of mine ( completely unrelated, other than it is in a doorway ) I shot 14 years ago one morning on my way to work on a bicycle. As I just looked at it, I realized that 14 years later, I know better how to correct some of its defects ( if they are defects ) and maybe make it more pleasing to my eye - I haved learned a little in the way of editing in the last 14 years. But then I wasn't sure I really did like it better, Hah! I removed some leaves in the foreground that I think are distracting but I'm really not sure I like it better - cleaner, but maybe the grunge look was better -

    • Warmth earlier this week drew me back to Lawrence for a walk, again in the North Canal Historic District.

      A mill building, with canal reflection:

      Vines growing on the building:

      I found this set of what appears to be emergency exit stairs on another building. Too bad there isn't a way to get to the ground since the last section is rusted and missing rungs.

      I found the juxtaposition of these signs to be interesting, a warning about air pollution (to truckers) and a hand-drawn sign for an art & social justice organization:

      Loved this painted utility box sitting in front of an old mill building:

    • I needed a walk this afternoon and while my first choice was a walk in the woods the trails are a mess now, muddy with some remaining ice. That didn't really appeal to me so I headed back to Lawrence to see if I could find some interesting things to photograph.

      I'm always drawn to murals...

      I found some rust and ivy on the remnants of a building in Lawrence Heritage State Park.

      And a sign of the season, a splash of red accompanied by thorns!