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    • I was just chilling at home when I remembered that I had a Canon PIXIMA Pro 100 that needs to print regularly in order not to have clogging. So having just returned home from my vacation in St. Louis, where I attended Shutterfest 2019 and had a ton of beautiful images. I chose these 3 beauties to print from the many shoots I was involved in.

      These Canon Printers are more resilient than the lore, which is in order not to experience clogging you must print every other day or once per week. I’m here to tell you I was in the hospital with a spine infection for four months. During the time period the power remained on. While I was in the hospital I sold some prints to a friend so the first thing I had to do upon returning home was print, sign, and ship her 3 13x19 photographs.

      What I did first may have helped me avoid disaster was going through and changing low cartridges. It might’ve wasted some ink but I’m using OEM and the print order was $300.00. I like when the machine goes through it’s cleaning cycle, because I know I’ll get consistency in the prints I sell.

      I’m sorry for going on so long but I’ve been having these thoughts I wanted to get your feelings on.

      Have a wonderful day. If you have time go get some cake 🎂🤣

    • You were at Shutterfest 2019 in St. Louis?!

      John, I would love it if you did a separate conversation on your conference experience.

      Readers: If you’re reading this and also want details, react to this post.

      This promo trailer for Shutterfest is amazing!

    • That's really impressive, is it a pigment based printer?

      Back in college I was pretty much the go-to for getting the Epson Pro 4000 back in working shape since back then I was the one photo major who printed digitally. After winter break it would take me an hour or 2 and so much ink to get it working right again. Even during the semester I'd still usually need 5-10 minutes of cleaning cycles and tests.

      And that sounds like one rough hospital stay, I'm glad you could have something nice happen right when you got out.