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    • I just noticed that one of my comments was hidden.

      "This post is hidden from other users."

      I don't mind. But I am curious. I don't think I've seen it before. How does it work?

    • I noticed that this morning and pinged @apm , the conversation starter. I thought it was a funny, good-natured comment and I actually responded to it because I do same as you and take 10 shots when I only need one or two, somehow thinking some small diff will matter.

      The conversation starter can hide any post from public view, just like they can on Instagram or blogs. Several people have told us please, never lose that feature, it's what keeps them on Instagram and off Twitter (which doesn't have it).

      I'm pretty bad about wandering off-topic with some of my posts, prompting the conversation to take a right turn, and both you and I did that with apm's convo. So he hid yours and I hid mine. 🙂

    • I admit I've dialed my reply habits to observations about conversation-starters: so if anyone but you, Chris, had started that hedgehog thread, I wouldn't have gone merrily down a huge tangent about saber-toothed cats...but I was pretty darn sure you wouldn't mind!

    • I loved it! I'm not especially disciplined about keeping conversations on topic, even in real life. Wherever it leads that's interesting is fine with me. I'm sure some other people disagree.

      Say, did you know about megafauna in Patagonia 12,000 years ago?