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    • So every once and a while I get sucked into a family monopoly game... I don’t know if it’s burn out from playing it often as a kid or if it just isn’t a fun game... I dread it every time!

      I know it used to get pretty heated when I was a kid with my two older brothers. So it could be some sort of PTS from when I was younger.

      No matter the theme or what ever I just cringe at the thought. Although I will say there is a minion themed monopoly that is purposely short and less awful.

      Just finished up a almost two hour session where my 6 year old put a hurting on my wife and myself. He really enjoyed it so I suppose that right there is worth it!

      So glad it’s over! Now to figure out what to do with the 30 minutes or so of peace and quiet before I go to bed myself.

      Do you have a game you just really can’t get into but find yourself playing it semi regularly?

    • I agree! Monopoly isn’t that fun! It’s kind of fun at first but after not too long it starts to feel like a slog, especially if you’re not rich. Funny how that works 🤔

      Another game I’m not that into: Apples to Apples. I enjoy this format of game but Cards Against Humanity kind of ruined Apples to Apples for me.

    • Scrabble. With my mom... but that's because I never beat her. English was her 3rd language (now 2nd) and I still can't find a win. She is a Doctor with a law degree so I shouldn't be too hard on myself but I still cower in fear when i'm asked to play.

    • That was me with my step-mom! And the nightmare continued with my wife. She does crosswords every day and reads tons of books. No fair.

    • I'm an introvert and am ambivalent about most board or card games. Even if the game is fun and I am having a good time, after awhile the amount of sustained interaction required gets tiresome for me. I am better at hanging out and socializing than playing games with others. I used to enjoy chess (because it requires concentration and no one can talk!), but as I have aged I have found it exhausting to have to concentrate so much.

    • Monopoly is the only board game which has resulted in a member of my family bleeding by the end of it.

      That said, I will defend it a little bit, in that the game is substantial better if you play by the rules in the box, which no one does. The base rules force every unowned property to go to auction IMMEDIATELY if the player who lands on it doesn't want to pay the default cost. Free Parking has zero mechanical effect. These two things help a lot to speed the game up: properties are divied up faster, and it's potentially easier to make monopolies at auction. And you don't end up with massive wealth swings on free parking that tend to just prolong a game without substantially affecting the outcome.

      None of this makes Monopoly a good game. It was designed to be vicious, and game design has come a long way since then. But it can be a BETTER game than the way most of us play it because of decades of bad house rules.

    • I COMPLETELY agree with you on this. I'm a purist when it comes to monopoly. It can be played in a reasonable amount of time if we play by the rules and limit the free parking lottery.

      Also, the dynamics of the players have to allow flexibility with making trades. IE if two siblings can't stand each other and refuse to make trades the game doesn't flow as well.

    • I’ve definitely played that free parking is just that, a free space. Although growing up everyone used it as a place that a 500 sits and all taxes etc get put into it.

      As for the auction immediately just the other day reading the rules I realized that it was a thing. I went back to older sets of monopoly and sure enough it’s in the rules. I’ve never played using the auction option and I’m not even sure how it goes I guess the highest bidder? Is it a secret auction. Is it an auction with unlimited raises who’s to say!

      Next time I’m playing I will have to give that rule a whirl!

    • In tournament play, it's a live auction run by the banker. It's a bit awkward since it means the auctioneer is potentially participating in the auction, but meh

      Yes, Monopoly Tournaments are a thing.

      And yeah, Monopoly is one of those games that almost no one has read the rules to anymore, they're just handed down from generation to generation by vague memory and hear-say.

    • Any chance they have bankers that aren't playing in tournament play? Even if just for the last few games... how ever that works... i couldn't imagine playing multiple times a day for multiple days.... sounds like purgatory if you believe in that sort of thing.

    • For auctions the most common is when someone doesn't want to buy a property. I've NEVER seen someone go bankrupt to the bank by landing on a tax etc. but that would be somewhat funny and very sad at the same time.

      I'm just an amateur monopoly hobbyist but IMO understanding the auction dynamics when someone doesn't buy a property can be a significant edge for players in the long run when they occur. Correctly allocating resources (money) on the right properties are worth bidding more. For example if you can establish a monopoly by winning an auction there is almost no limit to what you should be willing to spend on it except for maybe the first quarter of the board. The last quarter is also very expensive to build and less favorable and should be taken into consideration (again IMO). Auctions don't really tend to happen early in the game but more in the mid to late stages when certain properties are no longer worth buying.

      Later in the game there is also the scenario where other players aren't in a position to bid during an auction at all and you can actually buy a property for less then what you can then mortgage it for.

      I don't care for the utilities and will almost always allow them to go to auction. Not sure if this is a correct strategy or not.

      I never thought i'd write this much about monopoly before...

    • Honestly I've never played with the auction rule... I guess I semi look forward to the next time i'm forced to play it... haha.

    • Add to that the build evenly and 32 house limit. It is possible to force a hotel owner to lose all his hotels if at least 29 houses are on the board and he lands on a poorer player's property while not having liquidity. That can shorten a game very quickly because rebuilding during a housing shortage is a real pain.