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    • Nanga Parbat 8126m is 9th Largest mountain in the world. Nicknamed as "the Killer Mountain" for its deadly repute for climbers who tried to conquer it. As we had our own battle against the light and tough Karakorum Highway terrain ahead, we had no time to setup tripods and shoot with deliberation. This was last photo i took while on my recent trip to North of Pakistan.

    • I can’t even imagine. Our peaks in America seem SO HIGH and the tallest I have ever witnessed is Denali in Alaska at 6,190 meters—tiny compared to this beast.

    • Mixed feeling, one is scared but want to stay longer. My friend said: mountains are addictive, once you are indulged, nothing can satisfy. I was so threatened when i witnessed total desaster in 2016, landslides that disconnected me from world for 6 days and witnessed death from inches, i promised not to tour again, then i went there again :D