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    • Jeff Sessions, who served as Donald Trump’s Attorney General until August 1st, 2018, lost in the Alabama Senate Republican primary to Trump backed candidate Tommy Tuberville by double digits. Tuberville had a successful college football coaching career as the head coach of Ole Miss (1995-98), Auburn (1999-2008), Texas Tech (2010-12), and Cincinnati (2013-16) and is now taking a swing at politics. Sessions was a senator in Alabama for 20 years (1997-2017) until he took the AG position on Trump’s staff. Sessions was hoping to make a comeback and instead got whipped like a chow, losing to a guy who knows more about zone coverages and quarterback blitzes than foreign policy or any other realm of politics. 

      For Sessions, this loss really stings. His home state has turned its back on him and chosen to instead support a pro-Trump candidate. A pro-Trump candidate who is an outsider. For Trump, this is a sweet victory. He hated the fact that Sessions wouldn’t be his lap dog and prioritize his interests over the United States of America. To see Alabama Republicans give Sessions the cold shoulder has to make Trump feel good. 

      Of course, there’s still a Senate race to be had in November. Tuberville will have to beat Democrat Doug Jones, who defeated sleazy little monster Roy Moore in the special election that resulted from Sessions’ departure. 

      Jones released the following statement following Tuberville’s victory: 

      “When I was elected, I promised the people of Alabama that I would put their interests first to find common ground and get things done for our state. Washington already has plenty of people who fight along partisan lines and nothing much seems to get done. 

      “I’ve passed seventeen bipartisan bills signed into law by President Trump and was honored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce three times for my record of bipartisanship, leadership and pro-business support. Working across the aisle, we repealed the tax on Gold Star widows after more than twenty years of partisan bickering kept thousands of families from earning the benefits they were promised. We secured relief for farmers in the Wiregrass hit hard by hurricanes and tornadoes. We’re investing in rural hospitals that, without Medicaid expansion, continue to struggle despite their importance to many Alabama communities. I will always protect health care for our seniors and people with pre-existing conditions. 

      “That’s the record I will present to the people of Alabama at a time when our country and our state face multiple crises. We are not out of the woods yet but every step of the way I will have your back and no one else’s. The choice before the voters is an unprepared hyper-partisan that will add to the divide in Washington, or my proven track-record to find common ground and get things done.

      “We can choose One Alabama and continue to move Alabama forward together and work for better health care, support our veterans, and bring back jobs from overseas.”

      (Credit: Julie Bennett/AP Photo)

    • I think the lesson here is the people (at least on the right) support Trump first and foremost. It’s why very few Republicans dare to challenge Trump and he has greater support among his party than any president has in a long time. Truly sad if you ask me. Not so much that Trump has that support but that people support Trump. Also very sad what political parties did before Trump to make people feel so disenfranchised and pissed. They got truly conned though thinking Trump would drain the swamp. He made a dam and filled it with slimey monsters.