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    • Sometimes you want to ride and keep your bike as minimal as possible, carry no extra gear on your person, but where do you put the simple little things that always seem to be with us, keys, maybe a small camera, a snack?

      The last thing you want for a lightweight ride is a backpack, or a big tank bag. Handlebar bags are OK, but if you want a camera with you, then most of them just aren't big enough

      The guys at Mosko Moto realized this and a small tank bag was the answer, a very small tank bag, one that you simply wouldn't notice, and wouldn't impede your riding at all.

      I found it perfect to fit a Sony 6300 with a 20mm lens, and test rode it for 2500 miles. A waterproof bag so no need for a cover and a small clear vinyl top as a space for your cell phone, and inside i had my camera and a snack, it cost less than $100 and was well worth it

      Out riding the CABDR I found it was all I needed and gave me quick easy access to my camera

    • Right! They dream up some good stuff that you would have thought there weren't anymore options. Mosko is a Skunkworks for sure