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    • Most Quichua communities in the Ecuadorian Andes believe in Pachamama, Mother Earth, a goddess and spirit of all that lives. And since Mother Earth is alive, the local communities often attribute human-like qualities to mountains, trees and lakes... and volcanoes.

      Ecuador is famous for it's Avenue of the Volcanoes , a string of seven high volcano peaks in the high Andes. Each volcano has a name... and a love story!

    • Chimborazo, the highest volcano in Ecuador, is often called "Taita" - Father. Chimborazo was in love with Mama Tungurahua, a nearby volcano, but had to compete for Tungurahua's love with a younger volcano, Cotopaxi. However, Tungurahua finally chose Chimborazo, and these two volcanoes are now "married".

    • Tungurahua, "mother" and heartbreaker, is said to be watching over the Pichincha volcano - her and Chimborazo's "child". Whenever "baby" Pichincha "cries", Mama Tungurahua gets worried and erupts.

    • Tears of Quilotoa

      Beautiful Quilotoa, daughter of the Iliniza volcanoes, fell hopelessly in love with Cotopaxi. But her parents opposed the marriage, and, in her desperation and fury, Quilotoa erupted creating a deep crater. She filled the crater with her tears of heartbreak and sorrow, creating a turquoise blue crater lake.

    • Mama Cotacachi unexpectedly fell in love with Imbabura, a young volcano, and out of their union, the San Pablo lagoon was born to reflect their love forever.