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    • I've always tried to be honest about what it's actually like vs online projection, and everyone's Behind the Scenes footage looks different from everyone else's. Travelling 10 months a year is brutal. It's a test of mental and physical endurance all year long, but it's what is required for me to do the work that I do for now. I have a gigantic personal stock library that I use daily, and as a result of constant use, I'm also perpetually running out. I like to shoot my own work so it's exactly what I need, and I don't have to try and cipher out what the stock photographers settings or focal points were. I know them because I shot it for a very specific look.

      But reality is, most of my life I'm sitting in a country that I may or may not understand the language, running a business from my computer. As I mentioned above, it's the difference between being an artist, just making what I want, and running a business and having clients to serve. I like it. I like making artwork for people, it gives me challenges.

      Finding balance is always an ever evolving thing. I know some days I have to be awake for 3 days to complete a project, and I know on the flip side of that I'll have to schedule 3 days where I can just sleep and go outside. Younger me sucked at that, older me is starting to figure it out.

      I like to share the image below with people, because that's kinda what it feels like day to day. Some days my reality is amazing, but most days it's just the grind, like everyone else on the planet. :)