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    • Admittedly some of my favourite work doesn't always involve doing photography directly. I'm really interested in tech and I love helping make technology better. I was heavily involved with a plug in that Corel made for Photoshop, called Corel Particleshop. A lot of the suggestions I made in a boardroom and in emails, are part of a users daily interaction with the plug in, and that makes me feel really good. I currently work very closely with Capture One as one of their ambassadors, and have consulted with Adobe and other hardware and software companies around the world. If I could keep consulting a few months a year for different tech companies, I'd be really excited! Being creative is admittedly a pretty selfish experience, so finding ways to put that experience to use to help others helps make things feel less shallow.

      Otherwise, on the photo front, I like a mix! I really enjoy the higher profile stuff, celebrity and big commercial gigs, as well as the smaller, intimate portraits, or even the very, very rare pet or family session. Diversity is key for me, I have to keep changing things up.

      I'd love to get out and shoot Titans of Mavericks again. I'm super afraid of deep water and the ocean in general, but it was so fun and I love the images so much, to get another swing at that again one day would just be totally rad. You can read more about my experience here, if you'd like!

      I'm working on become a better matte painter and character designer, I'm a few years off from being any commercial use to anyone, but I would love to experiment with that in the future. I enjoy it, but I need to get faster and get my rules of color, composition, leading lines, and perspective locked in better. Long way to go yet, but I suppose if there's no short, middle, or long term goals, what's the point??