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    • Again! Super hard to pick. There's just so much. I have to keep myself diversified to keep myself from losing interest or feeling stagnant. Digital art has always been an escape from the drudgery and disappointment with real life (people dress like slobs and we don't have flying cars yet, how lame). But, ultimately it's always extremely satisfying to take someone from what they are day to day and transform them into something new, whether that's a saucy photo set or some grim and dark barbarian series, or whatever. I like being able to show people potential in themselves, beyond what they look like every day. It's so satisfying to see them look in the mirror for the first time, or look at the final images and watch them freak out, in a good way! We are all so much more capable beyond what we get to do every day, because family, work, bills, etc etc etc. So it's nice to settle in to the studio and bring out their inner selves that sometimes, they never even knew existed.