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    • Sometimes I completely ignore their personal style, and sometimes I incorporate a lot of it. I can't decide until I'm in the same room with the person, I have to feel them. There has to be some small part of them that's capable of expressing what I think is in them though. Some people, how they look is extremely wrapped up in their identity, so I would use the parts of them that they are most proud of as features in the transformation. For example, a person may have extremely long hair that they are very proud of. I would find ways to make that a statement in their next character. Sometimes, it's fun to hide those things that they are most proud of. Examples, someone may have beautiful tattoo art that they have spent hundreds of hours on and are highly visible in their daily lives. Maybe it would be fun to hide that? It's hard to know exactly what can be pushed and pulled until I'm staring into their personality.

      Below is an example of hiding their entire daily self, which I turned into a lengthy blog post over at