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    • Usually! It's normally pretty heavy, but I managed to mangle my shoulder in July 2018 so I've had to figure out new ways to cut down the weight till the joint heals. The worst is my laptop, it's a workstation that is my everything when I'm abroad, but it's also almost 20 lbs between the power supply and laptop itself. Next is a collection of hard drives, scattered like seeds. I keep backups on me and when I have important clients, I also mail one to another destination with everything on it just in case. Wacom tablet is also my digital BFF and a collection of lenses that change often. I have a Canon 5Dmk3, and I rotate between my 16-35, 24-105, 40, 50, 85, 100 or 135 - all depending what I'm planning on getting with the camera that trip. Since my shoulder is now a useless meat attachment, I've mostly left my favourite glass at home, because it's so heavy. Chances are now, I'll be renting what I need simply to make the airport travel easier on my body.

      Last but not least though, headlamp, tiny gloves, granola bars, eyeliner and mascara, and something to hide sweat.

      Granted, if it's a big hike or a long, very cold adventure (they often are) the bag is more geared towards surviving the elements. L glass is mandatory, wind proof layers, base layers, goggles, extra batteries, and a collection of Hot Paws for when the cold eventually seeps in. Oh! And scarves. Extra ones for sure. I've had one save me before in a dust storm, I would not have been able to breathe without it.

      I was somewhere at the first 1/4 of a several thousand km road trip through Europe here. Believe this is somewhere in Belgium.