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    • Hey Victoria, thanks for having me today! I'll try to not make this answer essay length, but I first got into photography after 11 years being in front of the camera as a model. I initially was introduced to the industry at 13 years old, and began managing my own career in my mid teens. I got bored 11 years in and wanted a different creative outlet and started taking pictures on the "Flower" setting on my point and shoot (turns out that's called Macro). I fell in love with little details, things that had nothing to do with modelling at all. Flowers, motorbike parts, raindrops, stuff that was totally outside of my normal life. It was pretty grand! I burned out my point and shoot and acquired a very used Nikon D80 with my at the time boyfriend. That's when photographing my friends and motorbikes and cats became a big thing. Then, life likes to throw me curve balls and I managed to get myself hit and run over in a motorcycle crash, getting my leg run over. I didn't have any skills that I could do sitting down, with no way to walk, so I taught myself digital art and photography as fast as I could because it was now my only income source. The rest is history I suppose :)

      I wrote a painfully long blog over here about the first 10 years if you're feeling keen!

      *edit* Check out baby Renee photo (I think I was 13 or 14??) and my early macro photography exploration. Clearly did not understand... anything lol.