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      and @jpop clued me in to HousesWithFaces

      Please reply with suggestions of who or what I should follow next.


      We’ve recently gotten an influx of new users to Cake.

      If you’re new, or haven’t clicked the pink POST button yet, this would be a great way to join in.

    • For in-depth political analysis that can serve as a starting point for discussions on Cake, I would recommend following Teri Kanefield.  She’s a lawyer and author who pulls a lot of disparate pieces of information together in order to make sense of the whole. Regardless of your political affiliation, her threads make you think and challenge your assumptions.

    • History in Pictures

      I like to check out their latest photos every morning. They also share interesting articles on historical events and time periods.

    • For recommendations of scientists to follow AND why, here’s a great thread of scientists on Twitter explaining what they do and tweet about. @Chris you may find this of interest. 😏