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    • I recently sold a car and a motorhome- I had the opportunity to sell them for price (as much as I could get) and I also had the opportunity to lower the price, take less and help another person as a result.

      In both cases I sold for less, by doing so I helped other people by providing value and something that will benefit them. In the case of the car the new owner is young, without a vehicle and needed reliable transportation for work and school. At his price point he’d be hard pressed to find it. Offering the car we had at the price he could afford made a bigger difference to him than us selling for more-

      Same thing happened with the RV, I wanted the Rig to go to someone who was out for an adventure, needed a reliable vehicle and would appreciated it.

      That person showed up and I had to lower the price to help him out, I know it was right thing to do!

      Have you had selling experiences like this, or other opportunities to use what’s at your disposal to help a person with a ‘thing’ needed?

      And did you have a sense of the timing being perfect for the benefit of purchaser?

      Michael the new RV owner -the smile alone is priceless-

    • Welcome to Cake, svs. 😁 You'll need to verify your email for notifications to work.

      I'm just like you, I feel wonderful after helping someone out and not going for every last dime. My family says I'm a pushover and my wife sometimes steps is to bargain. 😬 But I feel great about it.

    • Hello svs! My twist on selling things is that I list all defects I know about up front, give factual details about the item and price accordingly. Most of the items I have sold are older vehicles that are going to only appeal to a mechanic, collector or someone capable of fixing things themselves. Sometimes something will look "shiny" but need major repair. When I talk to a person and they are looking for something reliable, I will tell them this is not the vehicle for them. In "helping someone out" and "doing the right thing", I have done this by being as honest as I can be.