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    • Last Wednesday evening I heard wild cheering on the lake across from my hotel and wondered what it could be. It was a local waterski club performing with parents cheering them on. I had never been to Wisconsin, so I didn't know this was a thing.

      I probably looked like a creeper as a stranger taking photos with my long lens, but once they saw the photos, they invited me on the dock, they posed...everyone was so friendly, it was awesome.

      They say the best camera is the one you have with you, that it's the photographer, not the camera. No. The best camera was the one I left at home, my Canon action camera. Instead I had a slow high-res Nikon that doesn't focus well.

    • At home in CA we cheer our kids on from the sidelines as they play soccer. In Wisconsin they have crazy 500 horsepower boats for their clubs that can pull 5 barefoot waterskiers (or more?).

    • Note to photographers: I know Cake has a lot of RAW file enthusiasts, I respect that, but I shot JPEG and got a lot of shots I couldn't get in RAW because I could shoot faster and the buffer allowed longer bursts.

      This is what you can do with 500 HP I guess.

    • Another note to photographers: I shot at f/5.6 when the sun was still up instead of 2.8 so when my sucky Nikon autofocus couldn't quite hit it, it wasn't so noticeable.

    • And finally, I shot a few photos in RAW + jpeg but could not tell the diff in the final results.

    • Back to the skiers. Let's just try a 360 over another skier because why not?

    • Chris MacAskill

      I admit, as photographer, landings like this are more exciting. 😁 Hey, I heard the parents cheering and fellow club members laughing. Great drama.

    • I definitely find that knowing how to work within your equipment performance envelope is much more useful than having the largest performance envelope.

    • Super fun pics Chris! What an interesting subject matter! the flat light probably made the camera work a little harder for the fast action....

    You've been invited!