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    • The Scough inspiration came from after a trip to Asia, where I noticed that people who were feeling sick would put a mask on their face. And I thought “wow, that’s such a polite nice way of being, in contrast to many people I know, who are always hiding the fact that they are sick and go to work and even if they have the flu say it’s just allergies.” So I tucked that thought away, and I was reading about a materials advancement that allowed you to weave active carbon into fabric. So I thought what if we could design apparel that North Americans would wear on their face? Because clearly we don’t like wearing masks on our faces, so what if we could design things North Americans would wear to cut down on flu, or spreading disease. So when we started researching the project, we realized that people having the flu or not getting vaccines is a HUGE global problem, with a large amount of deaths every year. And then there’s a huge particular matter pollution problem. The more scientists look at this, the more harmful they see it is - there have been a few studies that show the link between life expectancy and living near an automotive thoroughfare. So many damning studies on asthma. And just the detrimental effects of even short-term air pollution, the effects on children’s health, there’s a lot of bad statistics the more they look. I think 2016 was a big JAMA report that air pollution contributes to respiratory tract infections that lead to  an extra 540,000 deaths in children below 5. So particular matter pollution is bad. And has incredibly deleterious effects on health. The more we look, the more we see.