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    • yaypie

      Scough looks really cool! As a fellow with a beard, I've found it hard to use filter masks because it's difficult to get a good airtight seal. Can Scough help with this, or do I need to give in and shave during forest fire season?

      • Well, one of our product designers has a big beard, and one of the reasons we changed some of the design from V1 was to accommodate people with different headshapes and beards. So I think you should give it a whirl, and if you have issues, send me a note. But we tried really hard to accommodate people with beards.

    • fundies

      The Scough designs look amazing!! My question: Do you anticipate releasing a lighter scarf to accommodate for summer heat?

      • Mmm! So we do have some lighter-weight ones. Usually people opt for the bandana, as it's less material. We're working on designs balancing the lightness of the material but also being sturdy enough to hold the filter in place. We have some lighter weight fabrics on the way, but the bandana is a good choice for summer.

    • apm

      Scough filters are tested in an independent lab”. Can you share the test results?