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    • Ooo, good question. It is just the beginning. We think there are a lot of interesting products in the space - there’s an element of mindfulness that you’re remembering to take care of yourself and others when you wear a product like the Scough. I’m super-into meditation, and I think wearing a Scough is a part of a suite of products that remind you to breathe mindfully, breathe mindfully, think about where and what you’re doing, protecting the people around you, and taking care of yourself. 

    • Well, one of our product designers has a big beard, and one of the reasons we changed some of the design from V1 was to accommodate people with different headshapes and beards. So I think you should give it a whirl, and if you have issues, send me a note. But we tried really hard to accommodate people with beards.

    • Mmm! So we do have some lighter-weight ones. Usually people opt for the bandana, as it's less material. We're working on designs balancing the lightness of the material but also being sturdy enough to hold the filter in place. We have some lighter weight fabrics on the way, but the bandana is a good choice for summer.