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    • so who loves climbing hills? What’s your Favourite climb? How do you feel when you fail to make the top ? cheated ? There are some nasty brutal climbs out there I’d like to hear your worst.

      I personally love a good old savage climb those ones that kick you in the gut when you think you have made the top but you haven’t. The ones that charge you a lung for access to the top.

      I see it as a challenge, will the climb win, will it break us or will we take on Mother Nature and succeed.

      What do you think about whilst your lungs are about to pop out of your chest? Any tips or methods to make us faster?

    • Haleakala in Hawaii! I'll never forget it. You rent a bike at the bottom by the ocean where it's muggy and hot and you're all smiles because what could go wrong?

      Here's the thing: it's 10,000' of elevation gain at a 5.3% steady gradient. You never get a break. Hot & humid for the first 3,000' of elevation where you lose tons of fluid to sweat. Then 3,500' of nice weather. Then 3,500' of freezing!

      Incredible views, tho.

      What did I think about? "AM I DYING?"

    • I have a love and hate relationship with climbs. At the bottom of my heart I know that the suffering is worth it and the climb will be over at some point. So I use a pacing strategy to climb efficiently.

      When legs are fresh it is easy to fool yourself into going too hard and blowing up mid climb. So I like to keep an eye on my heart rate monitor and make sure to stay in numbers I know will get me to the top.

      Having a nice reward at the top such as a scenic view or a treat helps as well. If the climb is a grinder then I just tell myself the faster I get to the top the sooner I can have that yummy snack bar. That gets me going even though I can just eat it whenever 😂.

      The most beautiful, scenic climb I’ve done at Lake Tahoe this summer. It starts at Incline Village at the base of Lake Tahoe and goes up to the famous Flume Trail ending at Marlette Lake. However, if you ride around the lake you’ll encounter yet another climb, where you’ll have amazing views of both lakes at different elevations. It is a truly surreal view.

      Here is photo of me (during an XTERRA Tahoe race). Lake Marlette is the closer one with the Lake Tahoe in the background.

    • On of my favorite brutal climbs is Sierra Road right in Silicon Valley. 9% grade average for 3.5 miles with lots of 15% ramps:

      A gnarly climb, but who can resist this kind a view just a few minutes from home?

      As for how to get faster, it's all about power to weight ratio :).

    • I love climbing - the bigger and steeper the better. I have become somewhat of a Strava KOM junkie and have found some pretty nasty climbs in SoCal but I also like doing tough mountain bike climbs near my home town of Calgary, Alberta. I've never not managed to make the top of a climb but I did find one in Thailand to be particularly nasty with a section just over 33% grade. It was a paved road and what made it even worse was that I was on a cx bike with knobby tires. I somehow managed to get the KOM even though I was just looking to survive the climb and really had no idea about it before I found it. I was told by my girlfriend's father that there was a mountain over that way that had a steep road on it. He also said the road getting there was dangerous. I found it and on a day where the humidity was ridiculous (rainy season in Thailand) with 93F/34C temperatures as well as sunny conditions. I had no idea how steep, long or vicious this climb would be but it certainly didn't disappoint especially since I'd been riding flat roads around rice fields the prior two weeks. This wasn't the longest nor the steepest average climb I've ever done but it was definitely savage especially given the weather conditions and my choice of bike. I hope to find many more climbs like it before my time on this planet is done :)

    • I live basically at sea level here in Costa Mesa, CA and while I like climbing, before it was only so I could go down the other side! Now I’m riding an adventure bike on 40c tires, frame of steel, climbing just to get out there for the adventure of it all. Anywhere you pedal in SoCal (dirt) is going to involve climbing! I have a little facination with #SaddlebackMountain that is located in our back yard and is the first major between the ocean and inland. My mission is to climb to #SantiagoPeak that is at 5,689′. I’ve pedaled up to the 3,500’ range and turned around due to tired legs.This attempt was at 68-miles round trip. I’m working on getting my endurance up to make another attempt as it will be more climbing and more distance!

    • my current climbing machine is the #KonaSutra I’ve hike-a-biked it on trails and I feel it’s all part of the game. I have nothing to prove, if I can’t pedal it, it’s about just moving forward, making the experience. Sometimes it’s simply safer and I do tend to pedal alone a lot!

    • it was a good attempt today to summit Saddleback Mountain, located here in sunny Southern California. I made it further this time, but still not to the summit! With 5,581-ft of climbing and 73-miles round trip (with more climbing and miles to go) it will require another attempt on another day! I did run up on a cool groups of moto’s for a Monday as well! I’m sure @Chris will dig this one. Mine is the one sans-kickstand.

    • Wow, damn, what a ride! Around here for me it's Mt. Umunhum, 5,600' of climbing and 63 miles round trip from my home. I was wasted and it was all on a road bike and paved roads. You're hard core.

      Those guys on the dirt motorcycles are cheating. However, I was jealous of this guy last time I went up Umunhum. He put his bicycle on his motorcycle and ended up riding a more sane climb.