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    • Is anyone else into wet shaving i.e. using a safety or striaght razors along with brushes and soaps for shaving? I was just over on Reddit where there are a few very active communities I often visit on this topic so I thought I would see if I could start a conversation over here if others were also into wet shaving.

      I have fairly sensitive skin and I always had issues shaving an had a very unpleasant experience each more. It was a miserable experience and I cut myself frequently. I got introduced to wet shaving many years ago on a business trip by a barber in NYC and my mornings have been amazing since.

      I decided about two years ago to take my enjoyment with wet shaving and my skills building web sites, understanding good photography, marketing and with design and launched Grown Man Shave - a carefully curated men's grooming store to help others find the pleasure in their mornings I do.

      Curious to see if there are others like me here.

    • Hi Dave,

      Wow, you are a bit of a renaissance man. Your post actually got flagged as spam because it looked like you were hawking stuff, but I know you and your amazing photography and tech career, so I decided to check it out to see if if was legit. Great site and quite fascinating.

      Among my friends and family, Dollar Shave Club and Harry's were/are big things. Maybe it's because I live in the Silicon Valley but a half dozen of my closest signed up right away and sang their praises, so I signed up for Harry's. I've been slowly going through their blades, shaving foam, and after-shave balm since. I like them but am not sure if I'm getting a better experience than just going to the drug store and picking up some Gillette kit or whether I've been swept away by the Harry's hype.

      As for straight blades, I'm ashamed to say, my experience is limited to watching cool actors in movies. Tell us why it's better than some Harry's multi-blade shaver. I'm not being critical, just interested.

      This is an interesting case study in discoverability of conversations. I'm trying to think of what more popular topic this would fall under?

    • This is an interesting case study in discoverability of conversations. I'm trying to think of what more popular topic this would fall under?



      Social Trends



    • Hey Chris

      Oh, no, don't mark me as spam! I was just in the Reddit forum and was wondering why a conversation like this couldn't happen on Cake. r/Wetshaving is one of the more popular ones with 12K members and r/Wicked_Edge has 114K members.

      Why is it so great? For me, it transformed my morning shaving routine where I always cut myself, had a very irritated neck for most of the morning, and dreaded the process. Long before I opened my shop I convinced a lot of my friends to convert to wet shaving and they have been very happy since.

      Holding off on straight razors for now as it requires a big investment in both money and time to get the technique down. The traditional approach to shaving cool factor plays a lot into it; but there are a lot of other tangible benefits of shaving with a safety razor; it's a much better shave, it's environmentally friendly and it's much less expensive over time.

      A single blade passing over your skin causes much less irritation that multi-blades razors. For people with sensitive skin shaving can be a very painful process. Also Safety razors give a lot of feedback when you aren't doing it right, usually in the form of small nicks and cuts, so you quickly learn to hone your skill using one. You learn to shave much better over time.

      It's environmentally friendly as your are throwing away or recycling just a small double edge blade vs. one full of plastic and there are billions of those thrown away every year.

      It's much less expensive over time. I sell (and use) Derby double edge blades which cost about .20 cents a peace and last for 5-6 shave. If you added the costs over months, years and decades you will be saving thousands of dollars.

      Lastly, there is a lot of tradition in the products. Many of them have been made by the same family for more than 100 years. A lot of the soaps are made by artisan makes.

      I find a lot of my friends who are into technology and photography end up migrating towards this when I tell them about it as the attention to detail, process, tradition all play toward their skillsets and interests.

      Anyways, thought I would share and see if we can get a discussion going.

    • Fascinating, Dave. Thanks for thorough description. I've always wondered...

      I get a bit of a red skin rash that the dermatologist gave me some cream to control. He said it spreads via fingernails scratching it, and once a new section of skin gets it, you have to control it there via the cream because it will break out again.

      I have suspected that shaving with an electric razor spreads it, so I quit doing that. I have feared that shaving with blades may do the same, so my routine has become to shave once a week but by that time I'm clogging Harry's blades and snagging here and there.

      Is single blade shaving is easier than blades when the stubble gets a week old? Does it spread fewer skin rash diseases?

    • If you are shaving with a multi-bade, like Harry's or others, lets say you do two passes with a razor, because it has 5 blades on it you are actually passing a blade across your skin 10 times, if you did it with a safety razor, a blade would only cross your skin twice. I would image a safety razor would be much less irritating and spread that much less given you are passing a blade across your skin 80% less. I have very sensitive skin and it has improve so much since switching.