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    • This was one of my favorite projects because I enjoyed talking about my plans for this summer. I am excited to be 21 and enjoy pub hopping with my husband. I am also looking forward to going to the local beaches. There is a beach very close to my home that I want to checkout. I also want to checkout Traverse City as it looks beautiful there. Last summer I did not do much other than take care of my newborn. Now that she is older, I can spend some time doing something fun as a family.

    • Audrey,

      I love the idea of this presentation and why you chose to do so. The topic gave me some awesome ideas and insight. I personally would've liked to see more so to have it be longer, and possibly more photos. There is so much out there I was eager to hope to see more. Overall, thank you for sharing these awesome ideas. :)

    • Hi Audrey, It looks like you will have a fun summer. I have been to Traverse City a couple of times and have loved it, you will be happy you went! Your presentation was good and although I thought it was nice you explained the reason you picked each summer activity, more pictures throughout the presentation would have been a good addition. I like how you used a video in your presentation. Nice job on this!