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    • Ok, so I wanted to quickly share my thoughts on the DNC and how it went. I have a lot of thoughts on it, but I’ll try to keep this brief. 

      Key takeaways: First, I thought the overall message of the DNC was positive and uplifting while also being very aggressive and harsh towards Donald Trump. That’s a hard line to walk, but I thought the DNC did a good job of being both positive and upbeat while also being ruthless to Trump. 

      Secondly, I thought they had a good lineup. John Kasich, Colin Powell, and other Republicans speaking I felt effectively conveyed the importance of putting country ahead of politics and that a lot is on the line with this election. Hillary Clinton gave a good speech and all in all, the Democrats found a lot of really good people to show up and show their support for Joe Biden. 

      Third, I felt the Obamas both did well. Barack in particular. Having a former president say that their successor has not taken the job seriously and failed to rise to the occasion is pretty scathing. I don’t know if we’ve ever seen that before in our history. Michelle Obama gave a really good speech overall, but I felt hers was a bit long. She could have shaved off 5 minutes off her speech and packed more of a punch. It was still great, but I found her to be repeating herself a bit towards the end. 

      Jill Biden’s speech was really good, and I felt the DNC did a good job of showcasing the family aspect of the Bidens. Her being the mom to two boys who needed a mom was really touching and I felt that she really helped bring a human element to the event. 

      Kamala Harris gave a really good speech as well and made it clear that she isn’t afraid of Trump or Pence. She also made sure to mention the very hospital she was born in Oakland, California. While she can be intimidating and is known to be an aggressive prosecutor, I felt the DNC did a good job of showing the more warm, bubbly side of Kamala with the whole “Mamala” thing, etc. I thought she came off well and the DNC sold her well. 

      As for Joe Biden’s speech, I thought he helped put to rest concerns about his mental fitness. He gave a very direct, powerful, and heartfelt message that drew out of the Bill Clinton “I feel your pain” playbook. You could tell he was really trying to connect with voters who have lost people due to COVID-19 and show that he cares about every American. Biden I feel did a great job of demonstrating that he’ll unite and heal the country and be the president for all Americans, even those who didn’t vote for him. Unlike Trump, who is only the president to his base. Not mentioning Trump at all was a great move as well. He let others do the more aggressive attacking for him. 

      One final thing I wanted to address was how the DNC addressed the voters that they need to get, namely those in the swing states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida. I felt an effort was definitely there to connect with those voters and let them know that Joe Biden is there for them because he is one of them as a Pennsylvania native. Some feel Biden could have done more and that the Democratic Party runs the risk of freezing those voters out again, but I feel like Biden automatically can connect better with those voters, did a solid job of reaching out to them, and should be able to do much better in that region than Hillary Clinton did. Clinton came off as a bit out of touch from those voters whereas I feel Biden is coming across as a lot more mindful of them. 

      Big Picture: The DNC went about as well as the Democrats could hope. They showcased Republicans against Trump, made a real effort to target swing voters, Biden came off presidential in his acceptance speech and didn’t gaff, and as a whole, they made a pretty compelling case for why Donald Trump doesn’t deserve another four years while also putting forth a pretty strong case for why Biden deserves a chance to lead us. Biden came off as a real human being who cares about everyday Americans. The moment where 13 year old Brayden Harrington talked about how Biden helped him overcome his stutter was particularly powerful. 

      All in all, the DNC definitely helped the Biden campaign and hurt the Trump campaign. Now it’s time for the Trump campaign to respond in next week’s DNC. It’ll be fascinating to see how they respond. 

    • I would have liked a speech that has less controversy. Joe has always had a credibility problem, so of course they are going to pick It apart. The debates are coming and Joe says he will beat Trump like a drum.

      Just a coincedence?

      Joe Biden’s DNC Speech Sounded A Lot Like A Jack Layton Quote

      Seems awful robotic.

      What about substance?

      CNN's Van Jones admits Dems were going to 'praise' Biden DNC speech 'as long as he didn't embarrass himself'

      We only assume it was live. Do we have any way of knowing? If he shipped it in is that a big deal?

      Rush Limbaugh: Biden’s ‘Flawless’ DNC Speech ‘Had to Be Taped’

      If it was pretaped why would they allow this?

      Joe Biden gaffe during nomination acceptance speech

    • Here’s the problem as we all know. We call em bullshitters right? The guy that always tells the BS story and pretty soon everyone knows it and he loses credibility. Biden lost that long ago. So with that in mind maybe he should have taken a different tack. Maybe even lined out some policy that we could get behind. Maybe lost the old Joe knows sorrow and Joey has a dad that kept getting up after getting knocked down. These types of my dad was a mailman are a sign of an establishment polititian that just aint gonna fly in 2020. Sounds to me like he’s going to try to rectify 40 years of his voting mistakes.

      Once you lose credibility it’s hard to get it back and good ole Joey fightin Corn Pop by the pool 65 years ago might want to change his tactics in order to modernize his approach to this election.