It will be interesting to see what the ultimate outcome of this story will be. Everyone should read this article carefully, there are a number of layers here.....

Apparently, Dr. Gokal was charged by the Harris County district attorney for stealling the 9 doses of vaccine - before the District Attorney even spoke to Dr. Gokal.

The article goes on to say "Days later, a criminal court judge, Franklin Bynum, dismissed the case for lack of probable cause by saying

“In the number of words usually taken to describe an allegation of retail shoplifting, the State attempts, for the first time, to criminalize a doctor’s documented administration of vaccine doses during a public health emergency,” he wrote. “The Court emphatically rejects this attempted imposition of the criminal law on the professional decisions of a physician.” "

The district attorney then stated she would begin a Grand Jury investigation. More to come, surely. Perhaps the District Attorney has information not available to the New York Times, maybe....

I do wonder what ever happened to the Drs and nurses caught on the interstate in the blizzard who injected folks sitting in their cars so the vaccine would not go to waste.... Are they now going to face criminal charges rather than be heroes?? Maybe Oregon is more forgiving than Texas??

Meanwhile, Dor. Gokal's employer, a local hospital has terminated his employment based on his being charged, not convicted of, misuse of the vaccines. The New York TImes article says Dr Gokal administered the vaccines to people he did not know, and recorded and reported these actions as he was authorized to do.

I want to hear the final outcome of this story, when it is completed,