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    • At our family reunion in Breckenridge, CO this summer, one of our highlights was visiting a trail of fairy houses on one of the ski slopes.

      I was blown away by the creativity and variety we found! It left me curious whether they are made fresh every year? Are these families who visit year after year, or do they just jump in the first time they see it? How did this begin?

    • When I first encountered the trail, I was enchanted by each of the first dozen tiny scenes or houses... then I quickly realized the scope was more like hundreds!

    • Most of the scenes were designed around fairies and sparkle, but clearly there were some free thinkers at work because we also spotted a dinosaur eating a penguin, a mummy on a ladder, and a crime scene.

    • Because most of them were tucked away on either side of the trail, we did lots of crouching and careful looking. This was a favorite of my little boy's.

    • I wonder how these hold up to the weather? We had a good rain while we were there, and I noticed my kids unconsciously tidying up a few of casualties as we passed through. Fallen fairies were set in their places.

    • My overall sentiment was just tickled that there were hundreds of people who poured their creativity into making this magical spot on the mountain for the summer.

    • So creative & fun! 😍

      When out hiking with your kids not far from your home, we saw creations like these and loved them. We stopped and the kids talked about their favorites. It sounds like we need to make some.

    • This reminds me of an exceptional short documentary that swept the film festivals. It's unforgettable and wonderful but you have to be ready to cry at times. It is on YouTube.

    • I love that your kids were tidying up the fairy houses!

      I remember seeing fairy houses when walking a trail at a park in Maine somewhere north of Portland. They weren't as intricate as the houses you saw, still interesting though. I think that I should go back there and check for new creations!

    • That movie is so powerful. What a find. I watched it with my wife last night and together we had to know more about the gnomist, so we listened to this podcast about her:

      In the meantime we discovered fairy 🧚‍♀️ house kits at Amazon and Etsy, and we’re going to put some in our yard, hoping they brighten the days of neighbors walking by.

    • Okay, this conversation has caused a lot of trouble for me. I played that movie for Reese, Penny, Zoe and my wife and they all got obsessed with making fairy and gnome habitats in our yard to charm all neighbors who walk past our home.

      We bought fairy houses that charge via solar so their windows can glow at night, we bought gnomes, fairies, painted rocks and went to the crafts shop to buy supplies to build and paint our own. Gah!

      Okay, these hedgehog rocks from Etsy are pretty cute. We're just gonna add them to the rocks next to our sidewalk and see who notices.