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    • Cathy Yan narrates the final fight scene of the film. They turned down the fight music for her narration, which certainly drops the excitement when watching the clip. However, I found this sequence to be more chaotic than anything else and almost cartoonish. I’m still trying to wrap my head around who this film is supposed to appeal to. I thought it would be darker but that scene reminded me more of the campiness of the 1960s Batman and Robin TV show.

      Biff! Pow!

      Holy Hot Pockets, Batman!

    • I think the vibe they were going for throughout the entire film was definitely geared towards adults (it is R-rated after all), as there's a lot of swearing, some sexual elements, and a bit of gore too, but it's told in a way that is quintessentially Harley Quinn. It's colourful, somewhat playful at times, and there is an element of cartoon animation, especially earlier in the film. But it's definitely not catered towards children.