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    • We are all probably all spending more time with our dogs right now than they probably want! So how are you keeping them occupied?

      Does your dog have a favorite toy, ball, or squeaky toy? Is a plush toy or a good bone their favorite? Does a single toy get the honor of trip to the dog park? If the squeaker is 'killed' does the toy lose it's worth?

      Who else actually takes their furbabes to the store to pick out their own toys? (Um.....guilty.) We buy in bulk, so TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and Tuesday Morning are awesome places for great, cheap, dog toy finds. I've discovered a group of small, not terribly bright, but very motivated rescues and a laser pointer can be as entertaining for the people as it is for the dogs. Plus, lots of exercise for the pups. Win. Win.

      The battery costs add up...but cheap lithium batteries can be had at Harbor Freight

    • I tried getting him so many toys and he never cared about any of them until I grabbed this one that looks more like a real squirrel.

      I've never brought him to the store but he loves going after squirrels, ground hogs, rabbits, and birds (he was found living on his own in the mountains of VA so he had to hunt to survive) and something like this seemed worth a shot and he's been all about it.

    • Our Jack Russel went to doggie heaven a few years ago, but there’s one thing that she enjoyed more than any toy and as much as any food, with the exception of cheese. On my and my wife’s wedding day, we went out on the front lawn for photos. When we were done and reentered the house for champagne, we found our dog Sophie had consumed an entire $40 specialty wedge of cheese that we had gotten from friends. I never got to try that cheese before it was lost in the bowels of a canine. Anyways, the thing that our dog enjoyed more than any toy was to be able to lie in the warmth of a sunbeam in our living room. Some afternoons, she would actually move if her spot migrated elsewhere. It wasn’t about being cold: her dog bed was covered with blankets for her to snuggle under. I think she just liked the sunlight.