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    • Yes, that sums it up 24 hours, four photographers all flying in to one location from all over the country, all given the same brief and then unleased with identical Canon gear, given the keys to a hire car and need to be back with in time to print out an image or four depending on the brief, last year was four images, then wait for the judges to decide the winner. So an exciting weekend coming up, Need to be a Sydney Domestic airport at 6:15, which will be interesting, I've about an hour train ride from the airport so that’s an early start, I won't know where I'm going till I get to the Airport and told where I'm going. So I've got a 1 in 4 chance much better odds than the Sydney event earlier in the year when there were about 400 plus photographers there a lot of them professionals. Canon are videoing the event and will create a YouTube video like last year’s one.