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    • For the average person, my experience today is not worthy of a "conversation". But, even tho I have plenty of appetite for moto-ing, my personal default setting is human propelled.

      When I moved up to Alaska from Utah, I had these romantic notions of backcountry skiing and backpacking. All it took was one time at Hatcher Pass and I realized this was not really fun and certainly beyond my skill set.

      My eventual social group were all long time Alaskans who hunt and fish (I do neither) and on a couple of occasions they invited me out to go out snowmachining with them on one of their extra sleds.

      Not much of a learning curve with the throttle but certainly plenty of learning curve negotiating deep snow. Anyway, it took me 4 years living up there before I finally bought a snowmachine and really regretted not buying one sooner. If you don't own a bush plane, having a snowmachine in Alaska gives you the greatest access around the state which is what I am always seeking.

    • So, when I moved to Las Vegas in 2007 and started embracing the lake lifestyle, initially my triathlon activities got me swimming in Lake Mead EVERY WEEKEND, including the winter. You really develop a relationship with the Lake when you are there every weekend.

      When SUP was starting to get popular, I enthusiastically tried that but, in reality I LIKED falling in because I want to get wet and be more immersed in water. (yes, I am a Cancer...)

      Thus, at some point, "falling" is no longer cool when you are a standup

    • Hang in there....I just about ready to make my point to this conversation....LOL

      So, last year I bought my 1st kayak and it was a SOT (sit on top). Not as swift as a Sit-In kayak but great for hot days where you can splash yourself or jump in the water and jump back in easily. With the guppy holes, you never have to bail water. I really, really enjoyed this.

      But, then, on a blue bird summers day, I paddled out 10 miles and as I got to my turnaround point I noticed the wind was picking up. And then it really picked up. I was still about 8 miles way from the docks and now the waves and wind were tossing me in the water. I got pushed into a cove that basically has vertical walls of scree (ok, maybe 60 degree pitch on the walls) so you could not really walk along the edge.

      After about 90 minutes, I was finally able to grunt myself to a point where I could wave down a boat passerby and they were able to put my kayak and me into their boat and get me back to the harbor. The irony was this was two Army guys and their families rescueing a Navy guy. LOL They enjoyed the irony. hahahah

    • That leads me to today. I have rented jetski's over the years for 1-2 hours at a time. Sort of like snowmobiles, the g-force is real. LOL But, in considering either a motorcycle or a jetski that would fit in my garage, the jetski gives me more unique access to places like Lake Mead, the Colorado River, Lake Powell, Lake Tahoe, etc. So, I knew this season was the time to cross that threshold.

      New ski dealers are wanks so I hit up every Craigslist 'hood within 300 miles for about a month and fortunately found this one that had low hours and low usage. After taking a Marine safety class last weekend (9 hours and tested), today was the day for my maiden voyage. (crappy cell photo because it was zoomed.)

    • One thing I has never done when kayaking was to venture over to the Hoover Dam. Kind of far and there can be alot of boat traffic but, today that was first on my list so I can show friends when they come into town.

    • Then, I started going counter-clockwise up the lake and just checking out a few of the numerous coves on Lake Mead. EVERYONE of these will have boats docked in the summer time as swimming holes. And, there are so many land formations that are interesting as well.

    • As long as you stay away from the weed areas, there is typically a quick drop-off so you can easily push off, fire up your motor and not worry about sucking up junk into your motor.

    • In conclusion, as I saw plenty of kayakers out today as well, I do like the peace and quiet of the a kayak but the immeasurable access I can get with the jetski will open up a ton of new photography opportunities. I can hardly wait to jet-ski camp at Lake Powell! I really see my water adventure road trips where I haul the jetski AND my kayak on top.

    • I AM SO JEALOUS!! I have never owned a jet ski but I have rented them all over the world. One time, me @kevin @bstrong and @Vilen rented a bunch of them in San Diego. I had my camera with a long lens and damn we had fun.

      Is Kevin doing this right?

    • Fantastic writeup, Robert! Thanks for sharing! Love the photos. I understand the push and pull of human versus motorized sports. The preference for me is also human propelled sports, but it's just not enough sometimes, just like in your case to get to places like the Hoover Dam.