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    • We hit on the idea of Argentina and can’t talk ourselves out of it. Neither of us have been to South America, we know not a soul in the country, and my Spanish is a bit rusty.

      First order of business is to deep-end on Spanish and bring my kids along for the ride. We are homeschoolers after all!

      After a brief explanation, I switched to speaking only Spanish to them for a while this afternoon. Two of them were in tears within a half hour and the three year old was trailing after me with a very concerned expression on her face. It turns out that suddenly not being able to understand what your parent is saying is unsettling. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      We ordered some fun workbooks, we’ll be watching familiar movies in Spanish, listening to music, reading picture books, and speaking it around the house (but maybe not exclusively. 😆)

      Does anyone have advice on how to teach their children a second language at home?